Certified 2,095 Akoya 8.5-8 Mm 14Kt Gold 17 “ TIncup Pearl Ruby Necklace #21471

  • $395.00

Certified 2,095 Akoya 8.5-8 Mm 14Kt Gold 17 “ TIncup Pearl Ruby Necklace #21471

Magnificent MADE In Italy HAndMADE TIn CUP ChaIn Large 8.50-8.00 Mm Pearl And Ruby 14 Kt Solid Gold Necklace

Here is a high Fashion, hAndmade, Large Saltwater Akoya And Ruby 14 Kt Solid White Gold Necklace.

The 5 Authentic Akoya Pearls range Appx Large 8.50-8.00 Mm Size And the Necklace mEasures 17 Inches.

The Pearls have both Beautiful nacre And luster.

The luxurious Necklace has a total Heavy weight of 8.60 Grams.

What a glamorous And sophisticated neckkace‼

A true stateMent piece, a showstopper‼

A truly wonderful heirloom that will be cherished for generations to come.

A classic And Elegant piece of jewelry for any woman's jewelry collection.

We may have both matchIng Earrings to the Necklaces listed And visa versa. PlEase look at our other listed items to see if a set is available. All items are listed separately.

These are Quality Authentic Pearls not "Mickey Mouse" Pearls these are quality GenuIne Saltwater Akoya or South Sea Pearls not FRESHWATER Pearls.

These are not paInted glass or paInted ceramic bEads these Authentic Cultured Saltwater Akoya or South Sea Pearls.

This item is Solid 14 Kt Gold not Gold plated brass or Gold plated Silver as many others are listed on eBay.

We only sell Authentic highly desirable jewelry. Most of the jewelry listed are Estate pieces purchased from different Estate sales And jewelry shows from across the country.

All of the items are described In detail. We take as many pictures as allowed to show the item In all different angles to show the condition of the item. The pictures are considered part of the description of the item.

These are not paInted glass or paInted ceramic bEads these Authentic Cultured Saltwater Akoya or South Sea Pearls.

This item is Solid 14 Kt Gold not Gold plated brass or Gold plated Silver as many others are listed on eBay. If you want a Quality Solid Gold And Authentic Pearl Necklace this is a Beautiful piece of jewelry if not there are similar less expensive Inferior items that you can fInd onlIne.

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Natural Pearls And caRing for your Pearl Necklace

Pearls fall withIn two general categories: natural And Cultured Pearls or faux, also called imitation, Pearls. MaIntaInIng VIntage Pearl jewelry, whether the pieces contaIn rEal or imitation Pearls, Involves special care due to the Inherent softness of both types. The metal And other gemstOnes that comprise VIntage jewelry may also require special care; however, do not shy away from the purchase of VIntage Pearl jewelry merely for the care required. FollowIng five tips for maIntaInIng VIntage Pearls ensures the longevity And bEauty of Pearl jewelry over many yEars.

1. PuttIng On VIntage Pearl Jewelry

One tip echoed By eVery expert In Pearl care states, "last on, first off". Chemicals contribute Largely to Pearls' deterioration, And the chemicals found In hairspray, cosmetics, perfume, And body And face lotions prove no exception. When gettIng dressed, wait a mInimum of 30 mInutes before donnIng VIntage Pearl jewelry. Failure to wait causes two types of damage: The bEauty produCts crEate a dirty coatIng over the Pearls, And the chemicals In the produCts erode the surface of the Pearl. As the surface erodes, the Pearls display pittIng, markIngs, And dullness from a loss of the luster prized In Pearls. If hairspray, perfume, or lotion needs touchIng up, remove the VIntage Pearl jewelry before re-applyIng any product. The same chemical deterioration can occur when removIng cosmetics, so when undressIng, remove the Pearls first. This will also prevent damage to Pearls from bangIng agaInst a bathroom sInk, encounteRing other, harder jewelry, And scraPIng agaInst a dress's zipper. After removIng the Pearl jewelry, wipe the jewelry down with a microfiber cloth or a soft, lInt-free cotton cloth. WiPIng VIntage Pearl jewelry before puttIng it away removes possible build-up And removes residue from perspiration.

2. How to WEar VIntage Pearl Jewelry

To IncrEase the lustrous bEauty of Pearls, wEar VIntage Pearl jewelry as often as possible And, In the case of Necklaces And Bracelets, In direct contact with skIn. These organic gems gaIn hydration, And therefore luster, By absorbIng skIn's natural oils. By absorbIng oil, frequently worn Pearls develop a deep luster more quickly than Pearls worn less frequently; In fact, a Pearl that spends more time stored away than worn loses its luster over time. Ironically, the same skIn that nourishes Pearls can also harm the gems. Acidic or excessive perspiration will eventually erode Pearls, so do not wEar Pearls when exercisIng or outdoors on excessively hot days. 

If a woman does perspire when wEaRing VIntage Pearl jewelry, she should wipe the jewelry down And let it air dry before placIng the item In its storage case. Avoid swiMmIng, whether for leisure or for exercise, when wEaRing Pearls. 

SwiMmIng pool chemicals erode Pearls In the same manner as the chemicals In a bEauty regiMen, And chlorIne is particularly destructive to Pearls. Despite a Pearl's watery origIns And the lack of chlorIne In natural bodies of water, experts do not recoMMend wEaRing VIntage Pearl jewelry In lakes, ocEans, rivers, or Seas. Basically, never submerse Pearl jewelry In water. 

Pearls should not come Into contact with clEanIng produCts due to the aforeMentiOned deterioration from chemicals, but, chemicals aside, maIntaInIng VIntage Pearl jewelry requires avoidIng any manual tasks when wEaRing the jewelry. It is true that Necklaces, Earrings, And Brooches do not often experience physical contact with other objeCts, but Rings And Bracelets frequently display blemishes, mars, And scratches from the contact, often unrEalized, that hAnds And arms experience duRing Each day. Jewelry experts strongly recoMMend wEaRing Bracelets, Rings, And Watches for only special occasions And to not subject the Pearls to the rigorous demAnds of daily life.

3. Safely Store VIntage Pearl Jewelry

Do not place VIntage Pearl jewelry Into boxes with other jewelry. The Clasps, ChaIns, gems, And other parts of jewelry lEave behInd scratches And mars the soft Pearls. IdEally, store Pearl jewelry In a cool arEa not exposed to direct sunlight. Some people, especially those livIng In Very dry arEas, store their VIntage Pearl jewelry In bathrooms, away from clEanIng produCts, for the higher humidity bathrooms offer over other rooms In the home.

Get a Special Box, Case, or Pouch

Store Each piece of Pearl jewelry In its own soft contaIner. Velvet-lIned jewel boxes, silk pouches, And satIn-lIned jewelry envelopes Each provide the protection Pearl jewelry requires. The items allow Each piece of jewelry its Individual storage that proteCts it from contact with other jewelry And allow Pearls to draw necessary moisture from the air.

Do Not Store In a Safe

A Pearl must draw moisture from the air to maIntaIn its bEauty. Safes have an Incredibly dry atmosphere designed to protect paper, And this atmosphere works agaInst a Pearl's moisture requireMent. This lack of moisture results In crazIng: a fIne mesh of fractures, or cracks, over the Pearl's surface. If Pearls must be placed withIn a safe, also place a glass of water to add moisture for the Pearls to drInk In.

Store Pearl StrAnds Flat

Always store StrAnds of Pearls flat And never hung on a hook. HangIng Pearl StrAnds will stretch the thrEad used to stRing the StrAnd, regardless of the thrEad's material compOnent. Silk thrEad is particularly prOne to stretchIng. As the thrEad stretches, the Pearl StrAnd falls prOne to brEakage And requires frequent re-stRingIng.

4. Re-stRing VIntage Pearl StrAnds

VIntage Pearl StrAnds should undergo re-stRingIng eVery yEar. The thrEad used to stRing Pearls deteriorates over time And stretches with frequent use; if the stRing brEaks, Pearls fall And get lost. Re-stRingIng reduces the chance of this brEakage. Experts suggest annual re-stRingIng, but if a woman notices the thrEad of a Pearl StrAnd is stretched, disColored, or frayed before a yEar passes, it should be re-strung before she wEars it agaIn.

5. Carefully ClEan VIntage Pearl Jewelry

VIntage Pearl jewelry does require careful clEanIng. Consider both the Pearl And the other VIntage compOnents of Pearl jewelry when followIng the strict rules for clEanIng Pearls. For daily clEanIng, wiPIng the jewelry down with a soft, lInt-free cotton cloth should suffice. 

However, if the Pearls become dirty, give the item a more thorough clEanIng And keep the followIng Information In mInd. Never place Pearl jewelry In an ultrasonic clEaner. 

The vibrations will shatter Pearls. Do not use jewelry clEansers or clEaners with aMmonia, abrasives, or harsh chemicals. To wash VIntage Pearl jewelry, use warm water And a Very mild detergent. 

Dip a soft cloth, the same as the daily care cloth, Into soapy water And gently wipe the Pearls with the cloth. 

Do not iMmerse Pearl jewelry Into the water. If a Pearl has a stubborn bit of dirt, use a fIngernail to scratch it off; fIngernails have the same softness as Pearls And do not mar the Pearl's surface as do toothbrushes or scouRing pads. When usIng chlorInated or chemically trEated tap water to clEan Pearl jewelry, fill a bowl with the required amount of water And let it sit In the open for 24 hours. The chemicals will dissipate Into the air, And the water will then not harm the Pearls.

After clEanIng the Pearl jewelry, dry it completely. Lay the piece on a dry, soft towel, blot it gently, And lEave the jewelry on the towel until completely dried By the air. Never store Pearl jewelry, especially a StrAnd, until it is completely dry. VIntage Pearl jewelry of Silver requires special attention. 

The air that Pearls require tends to tarnish Silver settIngs, but Silver tarnish removers should not be used on Pearl jewelry. It takes time And effort, but polish the Silver By rubbIng it with a microfiber or soft, lInt-free cloth. No other method of clEanIng Silver is safe for Pearls.

We hope that you enjoy these Pearls for many yEars to come!!!


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